Best Mobile Keno Games

Keno has fast become a favourite game in modern casinos all over the world, in particular South Africa. For those who are new to Keno, it is a game which closely resembles the Lotto in that it consists of a glass ball containing 80 numbered and different coloured balls which determine the result, as drawn by the Caller. As many as 20 balls can be drawn in a round, and all wagers are based on the numbers drawn.

In short, Keno success and payouts are determined by how many numbers a player chooses and how many of those numbers are drawn or hit by the Caller. Typically, the more numbers a player chooses, the greater the odds are for the player to have multiple hits; however a value could be placed on hitting a particular amount of numbers. For example, a player could bet on hitting three balls or four balls specifically. Keno is a very intricate game, with players of all experience noting the nuance, intuition and excitement which accompanies every round of Keno.

Keno Games Optimised for Mobile

Over the last several years, South Africans have explored and enjoyed mobile casino gaming extensively. Modern South African life can be very demanding, meaning that often people do not have time to practice their hobbies fully. Playing at in-house casinos can be very time consuming, when taking into account travel and time spent waiting for your lucky slot machine or a spot at the blackjack table to open up. With mobile casino gaming, you have access to the best games wherever and whenever you feel like playing.

Compatible with most of the popular mobile operating systems like Apple, Windows, Blackberry and android, you are sure to enjoy the ease and convenience of mobile Keno gaming, with none of the stress. Whether you are at home, waiting for the train or in between work meetings, you have the option of playing whenever, for as long as it suits you, and make a few extra Rand in the process.

All of the Keno mobile sites and apps on our list provide you with various options to tailor your gaming experience to your exact needs. You have the option of playing free casino games, real money casino games, downloadable apps, no download games, and many other helpful variations to shape your Keno experience.

Enjoy Mobile Keno Online

No matter what your game of choice is, we’ve got you covered with the best casino games available on mobile. From Keno to baccarat, slots to craps, and traditional card games like blackjack and poker, you are spoiled for choice. Every single one of the mobile casino games we recommend for you have been tested by a third party to ensure optimal safety and user-friendly capabilities, as well as a host of other aspects, like interactive graphics, and responsive help lines for any queries in the process of playing. Beginners and experienced mobile gamers all agree that our list provides users with the most extensive insights and options for starting a successful casino gaming hobby. Try keno on your mobile today to find out what so many are referring to as the renaissance of gaming in South Africa!